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The final class in the current PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT SERIES

SUNDAY 29 November 2020 4.00-5.30pm*



“Because there are no phenomena that are not dependent arisings,

There are no phenomena that are not empty. ”

Nagarjuna’s Fundamental Treatise on the Middle Way

Young adults fleeing the nest may convince themselves they are independent, but everything depends on something else. Realising dependent origination leads one to emptiness. It is known as the king of reasons, because it establishes both ultimate and conventional truth. This week we examine dependent arising as presented in Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden’s masterpiece 'Path to Enlightenment in Tibetan Buddhism'

The course is led by Tim McKibben, a teacher at the Tibetan Buddhist Society.

The online session comprises a guided meditation, a talk, Q & A.

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*Our apologies for any confusion about a final date for the Path to Enlightenment series 2020. This is the final 2020 class, not last week.

The most recent introductory series finished last Sunday.

Other 2020 events 


  • 6pm Saturday 5 December - Shakyamuni Buddha prayers and meditation to mark Christmas. 

  • 4pm Sunday 6 December - White Tara prayers to mark the closing of the 2020 teaching year. 

[More details to come early next week]

Term 4 concludes on Sunday 6 December with no regular classes after that date.

2021 events

A new Path to Enlightenment series will start in March 2021

A new Introductory Course will start in late Jan 2021.

The 2021 calendar will be distributed next week, along with detailed information about the January Lam Rim retreat from 17-23 January​

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