Caring for self
Caring for others

Buddhist Spring Festival

6 November 2021




11 am Meditation on Selflessness with Andrew Christianson



This meditation session will help you to strengthen your love and compassion towards others, ultimately bringing your mind closer to lasting peace and happiness. Andrew has been studying Buddhist philosophy and meditation for more than ten years. He works in natural health.

12 noon Blessing Ceremony



Join prayers and meditation for the New Year with the wish for peace and good conditions for people everywhere. There will be short presentations from special international and local guest speakers, prayers and meditation to welcome the New Year for a new era of peace and harmony – *Geshe Penpa Tsering of Denma College at Sera Je Monastery and House Manager for Geshe Loden’s house complex at Sera Je, Venerable Thich Phuoc Tan, Abbott of Quang Minh Temple and Minister Ros Spence is our local member for Yuroke and the Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Community Sport and Youth.

 *(Translator - Venerable Lobsang Dorjee of Sera Je Monastery)



2pm Exploring Bodhichitta with Nick Sleeman

“Bodhicitta is the conventional mind of enlightenment. It is the extension of love and compassion. Maitreya defined it as: for the sake of others,  wishing to attain complete, perfect enlightenment.  Let's explore that.” Nick Sleeman is a long-time student of the Society's founder and spiritual guide, Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden.

Nick is teaching the next introduction series commencing Sunday 7 March.


3.30pm Impermanence: Things Change with Tara Sleeman

Everything is impermanent. This is not a bad thing. 

If everything was always the same, you wouldn’t have the ability to watch this video!

If we’re getting technical, you wouldn’t have even been born. Nor would your parents. 

And so on and so forth, until we become stuck in an endless loop of a paradox that sounds like something written by Douglas Adams.

Tara is a long-time student of Geshe Loden.

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Join children’s meditation teacher, Donna McMahon, for mindfulness activities, story-telling and meditations





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The temple, the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere, features a magnificent 18-foot golden statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, wonderful Tibetan paintings called thangkas and traditional ornamentation both inside and out.




Visit galleries exploring our magnificent traditional Tibetan temple and the beautiful 10-acre gardens at the Peaceful Land of Joy Meditation Centre.

The Peaceful Land of Joy gardens feature hundreds of rose bushes in many colourful varieties, many brightly coloured salvias, marigolds, glorious Enjoyment Flowers (satin hibiscus) and many other native and local flowering plants. There are thousands of trees including a magnificent circle of Golden Robinias on the temple lawn, Californian Redwoods now reaching high above the other foliage, maples, and weeping willows surrounding the lakes so loved by local birdlife.

After the Festival


The Joy of Dharma – 1.30-3pm on Sunday's 7, 14 and 21 March 2021 - INTRODUCTION COURSE


Dharma is universal truth; the way things are. Expounded 2,600 years ago by Shakyamuni  Buddha, Dharma offers a path to Enlightenment, complete freedom from all suffering. This three-part series will explore the core of these teachings and provide guided meditations useful in everyday life. 


Join Tibetan Buddhist Society teacher, Nick Sleeman, for this series. Nick is a long-time student of the Society's founder and spiritual guide, Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden. Each session includes a talk, guided meditation and opportunity for questions.


The course is based on guidance in the remarkable text 'Essence of the Path to Enlightenment' by Geshe Loden. Everyone is very welcome.







Path to Enlightenment – 4-5.30pm on Sunday's from 7 March 2021 - NEW COURSE


The Path to Enlightenment series presents the Buddha’s teachings as an accessible and vital living tradition of mental and spiritual development.


The course starts this year at the beginning of the main text Path to Enlightenment in Tibetan Buddhism, by the great scholar and meditator, Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden.


You will explore the stages of spiritual practice from the beginning to more advanced meditation and practical teachings on achieving enlightenment - the greatest expression of human potential.


Path to Enlightenment will be taught in three parts in 2021. Ven Anna Goldstein will offer an introduction and overview for the first six weeks in March and April. Pam Martin will explore some of the deeper aspects of the Buddhist path through May and June including a detailed explanation of how to meditate. Martin Horan will cover the final two terms of 2021 investigating topics like the causes of suffering and karma. These three teachers are all long-term students of the founder of the Tibetan Buddhist Society, Venerable Geshe Loden.


Please visit the Tibetan Buddhist society website and Facebook pages for more details of our program including opportunities to visit the gardens and advanced classes.  If you would like to receive our newsletter and other email information please register here





Accessing our online classes


To access the online session link please search for Tibetan Buddhist Society YouTube channel. or here's the link -

For regular reminders of our live stream classes Subscribe to the Tibetan Buddhist Society YouTube channel. You can also view our previous 2021 and 2020 introduction classes and the 2020 Path to Enlightenment classes here.

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